Kubota unveils the Prototype KX019-4 LPG Mini Excavator at Bauma 2019

 8th Apr 2019


Prototype is powered by a next generation Kubota Spark Ignition series engine and can run on LPG

Monday 08 April 2019 – Kubota, a leading manufacturer of construction machinery, today announces the reveal of the KX019-4 LPG (Liquid Petrol Gas) mini excavator prototype. This model can run on LPG and is powered by a next generation Kubota Spark Ignition series engine.

The new KX019-4 LPG makes it possible for users to work in emission restricted access areas such as cities applying diesel-bans, and also generates less noise emissions. Using the industrial standard gas bottles available everywhere, the machine is easily and quickly refuelled by replacing the bottle. The machine is equipped with a reserve tank (gas accumulator) so that the operator can notice before the gas bottle becomes empty.

The performance characteristics of KX019-4 LPG is exactly the same as the diesel powered KX019. The excavator’s undercarriage is variable, which allows operators to enter into areas with less than a metre of access. This machine does not compromise on the level of stability and security required due to an enlarged lower frame. Furthermore, the working range of KX019-4 LPG provides an operational amplitude and guarantees a maximum digging depth of over two and a half metres which is sufficient for urban applications.

The KX019-4 LPG has been unveiled at Bauma, the world’s leading construction machinery trade fair in Munich. Along with in market testing of this prototype model, Kubota will continue to research into alternative fuelled solutions.

Keigo Watanabe, Vice President Sales and Marketing Business Unit, CE Kubota Holdings Europe B.V comments: “We are delighted to be unveiling Kubota’s latest solution for urban site managers and workers who are required to respond to the recent anti -diesel restrictions, in form of the KX019-4 LPG at Bauma. The development of this model is the answer from Kubota to the current anti-diesel trend, in which economy, practicality and environmental issues are all integrated. This machine, powered by the Kubota SI engine, will bring the most productive solution to urban work sites without having a considerable impact on the investment, or loss of productivity due to the refuelling time, while delivering high performance and quality of ‘Kubota’. We are looking forward to receiving customer feedback on the stand at Bauma”.


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