Small Machines Big Influence Great Article by KHL featuring the Kubota KX037-4 Mini Excavator

 8th Apr 2019

The new KX037-4 mini excavator from Kubota

Mini excavators are a sought-after tool in the construction industry’s arsenal and their popularity seems to be continuing to grow.

Latest data from specialist forecasting and market research company Off-Highway Research shows that sales of these machines made up nearly 23% of the approximately

1 million units of construction equipment sold worldwide in 2018.

In Europe, sales of mini excavators were said to make up 38% of the almost 180,000 units of construction equipment purchased in 2018, making them the single most popular item across all equipment types. The second most highly sold in terms of units, making up a total 17% share, was a collective grouping of other sized crawler excavators.

Key role

One company looking to make its mark on the European market is Kubota.

Business development manager for Kubota UK Glen Hampson said that the mini-excavator segment of the total market was critical for Kubota as a business. He said that last year, Kubota saw the UK mini excavator market grow by just under 6%. He attributed this fact to the demand from housing and infrastructure projects in which, he said, mini-excavators had a key role to play.

The company announced its new 3.7 tonne excavator for 2019 – the KX037-4 – at the beginning of the year, replacing the KX101-3a4. The new machine claims multiple improvements on its predecessor, aiming to enhance everyday efficiency, ease of use and compliance with construction industry regulations.

The KX037-4 is powered by a Stage V-ready 17.8kW Kubota engine to meet EU standards, and is said to deliver power, economy and lower emissions.

Hampson said, “This model was created to improve everyday efficiency and ease of use, while improving compliance with industry regulations. In the context of the industry, we are confident that it is a competitive model in our comprehensive line up of machines.”

The excavator also has auto-shift and auto-idle features as standard, which Kubota says offer smoother operation when dozing and turning, and reduced fuel consumption with lower noise levels and emissions.

The new model also offers a proportional controlled Aux1 oil flow, with 11% greater flow than the previous model. A proportional Aux 2 is available as an option. Kubota says that in addition to this, large capacity variable displacement pumps enable smooth, synchronised operation of the boom, arm and bucket, returning greater productivity.

Other improvements on the former model include zero tail swing, four top frame tie-down points for transportation, Kubota’s engine safe start system, a hydraulic lockout on the left console, and optional safety valves for the boom arm and dozer.

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