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VZ Kerb Stone Handles

Especially suitable for handling concrete kerb stones.

The one-sided angular supports which are placed on the kerb stone already in place enable an extremely narrow joint.


  • Grips longitudinally so that it can be used in tightest spaces.
  • No deflection of the plumb line.
  • All models are equipped with a lifting eye.
  • The VZ I has a galvanised finish.
  • The VZ II and VZ III come complete with rubber grippers, suitable for moving large slabs.
  • The VZ III is also equipped with automatic release.
  • VZ I + VZ II - durable surface protection by galvanizing





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Gripping Range (VZ I): 500 ­ 1,045mm

Gripping Range (VZ II): 700 ­ 1,000mm

Gripping Range (VZ III): 1.000 ­ 1,700mm

Inside Height (VZ I): 40mm

Inside Height (VZ II): 50mm

Inside Height (VZ III): 60mm

Gripper Length (VZ I): 100mm

Gripper Length (VZ II): 200mm

Gripper Length (VZ III): 420mm

Carrying Capacity (VZ I): 100kg

Carrying Capacity (VZ II): 300kg

Carrying Capacity (VZ III): 1,000kg

Dead Weight (VZ I): 12kg

Dead Weight (VZ II): 25kg

Dead Weight (VZ III): 60kg


  • HVA-VZ II: Adjustable Height Stop for VZ II, on one side only

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Associated Products

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