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Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 12.25.47

Pictured here is a recently deivered Kubota KX027-4 Excavator now fitted with customer branding for Marlborough Highways and on its way out of the door

Screenshot 2019-07-19 at 08.47.45

Busy day for the Kubota U27-4 belonging to Northamptonshire Contracting extending the car park and putting a base down for a shed at Holly Lodge Dog Field Huntingdon 


Screenshot 2019-07-17 at 11.16.04


IMG 4354

Screenshot 2019-07-17 at 11.41.19


Screenshot 2019-07-17 at 11.40.40

Here are some images from the day taken by our Sales Team member Craig Johnson who attended this great annual event.


IMG 4922



IMG 4923 2


IMG 4915

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 08.31.55

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 08.32.18

M & J Engineers have just taken delivery of a Kubota U27-4 with fitted with their new tailored to machine branding 


IMG 8652

Thank you for the business

IMG 8503

These machines are ideal for earthwork and ashphalt construction. Pipeline, trench and sewer line construction, backfills, foundations and repair work on asphalt

IMG 8591

IMG 3345

Comment from Harrison Civils " Very pleased with our 9 Tonne Kubota with the knuckle boom. It gives it an amazing reach, almost that of a 13 Tonne machine. It can reach over 1 metre higher than the standard boom - It weighs in at nearly 1 Ton heavier than the standard machine too "



IMG 4135



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